As one of the UK’s leading manufactures you can rest assured that you are purchasing a well crafted and quality new home that is built to the highest British Standard 3632 residential specification.
We offer both Park Operators and Private Land owners the same quality 10 year structural warranty on all our New & Bespoke Mobile homes & Lodges along with our full 1 year warranty plus the 2 & 5 year warranties on some electrical goods.
We also offer our comprehensive Gold Shield Warranty to those that are members.

What does Gold Shield cover?

Gold Shield Warranty

Year One

During the first year, your new park home will be fully covered by the warranty to include the whole structure of the home and every part, component, fixture and fitting.

Year Two

The second year of the warranty provides you with a similar level of cover as year one, with the exclusion of any fault or defect arising from central heating boilers and controls, any electrical or gas installation with moving parts, soft furnishings, floor coverings and internal decoration.

Years Three to Ten

Years three to ten provide you with protection against any major defect in the structure of your home (the load bearing parts of its floor, walls and roof).

Exclusions are specified in detail in the Park Home Purchaser’s Warranty Agreement. Gold Shield is not an insurance policy and does not cover risks normally associated with home insurance, such as theft, fire and accidental damage. You should ensure that you are covered against these risks with a reputable insurer.